How to Make Customers Love You – 16 Steps to Provide Exceptional Customer Service at Your Restaurant

Kishore Kotapati (KK)

In order to make your customer's experience very exceptional, we suggest you follow the below steps:

  1. When they check-in, welcome them with a genuine smile like you mean it to create that great first impression.
  2. Continuing the pleasant aura, Introduce yourself with your name & role 
  3. Ask questions like “Have you dined with us before? If “no”, provide some background on your restaurant and suggest some crowd favorites.
  4. Find out How they heard about you.
  5. Let the diner choose where they would like to sit. When your diners get to start with a choice on their seating, they start their experience on a good note. 
  6. Introduce them to the server/chef who will be taking care of them.Show them where restrooms are in case they need to use one.
  7. Provide them with your food and drinks menu while they wait for the server to arrive and take the order. Explain about your day specials / restaurant specials.
  8. Take the order - Make suggestions, help them to order your special items (high return items), and ask about any allergies.
  9. Just by being visible, you make customers feel they are having a better experience because they know if they need something, you're right there, available to help. Tell them the story of your restaurant or food etc. to keep them engaged while they are waiting for their food.
  10. Serve them with exceptional care & love.
  11. Make sure servers are checking on their tables consistently throughout their meal. Water glasses should stay full, and diners should have the opportunity to order additional items or a new drink without having to wait or flag a staff member down
  12. Remove unwanted / empty plates often / Fill water often etc.
  13. Once done eating - use this chance to upsell desserts by asking if you can talk about a few of your favorite desserts.Be ready to describe a few in detail.
  14. Everybody likes to feel special once in a while. Offer a complimentary drink or meal for regulars from time to time or look into creating a restaurant customer loyalty program.
  15. Ask them for their valuable feedback and talk to their friends/families if they had a pleasant experience. Request them to follow your social media pages. (Display your usernames & hashtags on high visible areas). Ask them where you can improve/what went wrong in case they had an unpleasant experience. 
  16. Wish them a very lovely good bye - drive home safe.

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