About Author KK

Let me introduce myself first - My name is Kishore Kotapati and most of the people in my life call me "KK" (very simple & easy to remember, right?).

See that's what I do: I make people's life "SIMPLE & EASY".

I am the Founder of Instabids - A start up built to help restaurants owners win!

Yes - I have very much partiality towards restaurant owners. You might be wondering why? Thats because I myself was a restaurant owner once - owned 2 restaurants and unfortunately had to shut them down (It's heart breaking). I will tell you full story in another blog.

I know the pain of shutting down the restaurant as a owner. Thats why I started this journey to help other restaurant owners to "Not to fail".

I am also an Entrepreneur - built couple of technology start ups from the ground up.

By combining both technology & restaurant industry experience, I am fully convinced, that I can help restaurant owners succeed. - This is my goal!

To do that, I have started this blog channel to provide successful strategies, tips & techniques, guides, instructions, resources, experiences, partnerships and more.....

If you think, you are stuck as a restaurant owner & your business is not doing well or if you are very close to running out of cash / shutting down, my friend, don't worry, I am here!

In this journey, I have helped hundreds of restaurant owners towards growing their revenue & becoming successful. I will share those stories and results in my another blog.

Now, all I want from you is to believe in me & my strategies and most importantly be prepared to spend little extra time to execute them.

Together, my friend, I am 100% confident that you will be successful.

This blog channel is for Restaurant Owners to educate them about running a successful restaurant.

Let's go!

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