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It increased our sales as we are able to convert our slow business hours into profitable ones now! This was exactly what we needed easy to set up, low cost, and yet effective system unlike many other high cost local partners!

Shannon Myers // Restaurant Owner, Chicago

What's "iSmart Discounts"?

"Automatic-Hourly-Dynamic" Discounts triggers only at SLOW BUSINESS HOURS - to offset your fixed costs and Increase Profits.


Our smart AI system is designed to target customers, offer them discounts & bring them in, only during your SLOW BUSINESS HOURS!

iSmart Discounts to Social Media

We believe giving discounts should be MUTUALLY BENEFICIALLY for both Merchant and Consumer. 

Having your own social followers is like having your own audience. You can communicate with them any time you want, FOR FREE.

Set up in under 5 minutes


Link your Social Media

Sign up and with in your dashboard, connect to your Facebook Page.


Setup Recurring Flash Deals

Complete the pre-schedule recurring form with your desired hourly offers.


Receive Orders

Sit back and you will see orders coming in or guests walking in.

How it works?

Get your game-changing automation tool just a click away.

Automatic Recurring Discount Posts

One Time Set up

Easy and simple set-up. Ready to run in minutes. Set-up once and watch the magic happen.

Smart Automation

Our AI knows your SLOW BUSINESS HOURS and triggers discounts to pull customers in.

Dynamic Discounts

Discounts here are not fixed or constant. They change dynamically based on time & availability.


Offset Fixed Costs

Having orders at SLOW BUSINESS HOURS will add to your net profit. 

More Social Followers

Additionally, Instabids gets you more followers on your Social Media.

Increase Profit

Selling more in a day means having more profits in the pocket.


Our Dear Clients

The system is simple, efficient & convenient. It increased our sales as we are able to convert our slow business hours into profitable ones now! This was exactly what we needed easy to set up, low cost, and yet effective system unlike many other high cost local partners!

shannon myers
Restaurant Owner

We were able to get to a different customer base in no time! My restaurant was not very active on social media. But after using Instabids, we are becoming more popular with our returning customers and new ones. It’s a pretty good system, designed with thought for the restaurant industry like us.

Restaurant Manager

It is a fantastic platform with sophisticated functions and high flexibility! It facilitates small businesses like us to receive more orders during this difficult pandemic period. Highly recommended!

regina abbey 
Restaurant Owner

Frequently asked questions

How difficult it is to Setup?

It's super simple to setup to trigger iSmart Discounts on to your Facebook Page.

Once you log into your account:

  1. Connect to your Facebook Page.
  2. Setup Weekly Recurring Flash Deals.

It's that simple.

When will it trigger posts onto our Facebook Page?

Based on your "Weekly Recurring Flash Deals" setup, our Smart AI system will automatically sends a post onto your Facebook page with the discount along with number of coupons.

How long will the post remain on our Facebook?

The post will remain only until the expiry of the coupon or until the given number of coupons are redeemed.

Example 1: If the coupon validity is until 6:00 pm then the post will disappear at 6:00 pm. 

Example 2: If 4 coupons are given and they have been redeemed by the consumers then the post will disappear.

This way your Facebook page will not be loaded with expired coupons.

How is it different than posting directly on Facebook?

Posting manually on Facebook every time consume lot of time and also expired coupons will pile up on your Facebook over time. Instead, using Instabids, you will set up offers one-time and Our Smart AI triggers these posts automatically for you when it's time - plus it removes the  posts immediately once the coupon expires.

How will I know if someone redeemed the coupon?

Once someone redeems the coupon, we will notify you via email with their Name and if it's for Dine-In or Takeout.

How will I receive Takeout orders?

You will be given a 7 inch Instabids Tablet. You will receive a notification when you have a new Takeout order along with order details.

What type of orders this support?

Instabids support both Dine-In and Takeout orders. If you have your own delivery fleet then we can enable Delivery option as well for you.

What other benefits in using Instabids?

You will start growing your own Facebook followers.

You can post Instant Flash Deals when you have excess food.

You can receive "Online Orders".

You can process payments for Dine-In orders.

You will receive "Hungry", "Ready-to-eat" customer data so that you can bid on them to bring them in. (If you need them).

...... and more.

curious about how it works?

No problem! We understand you might have questions or wondering how this magic tool sends you orders during your SLOW BUSINESS HOURS. πŸ‘‡

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