How to provide exceptional service to customers in restaurants

Kishore Kotapati (KK)

As a Restaurant owner, I am sure you are aware that it is important to customers to have a pleasant experience each and every time they visit a restaurant.

Service Excellence keeps customers coming back again and again to the restaurant and hence should be your top priority to succeed in this field.

Restaurant owners have a lot on their plate when it comes to running their restaurants. They need to run their kitchen efficiently and manage their occupancy effectively while keeping an eye on their cash flow without losing focus on providing great customer service.

It is but natural for restauranteurs to focus on immediate and most obvious issues while overlooking customer service. In the process, fail to put enough emphasis on being courteous and helpful to their customers.

Lack of good customer service could among other things result in long wait times, bad service overall and ultimately very unhappy customers who would not return.

Engaging and communicating with your customers is an art. You need to know how much engagement is optimal so that the customer does not feel being imposed on or neglected.

Proper customer service makes customers happy. A happy customer would not only be willing to return but also help spread the word among their family and friends.

Every restaurant is a bit different when it comes to providing a good experience

Below I have listed some simple guidelines to enhance customer experience. Feel free to customize them according to your needs.


  • Prepare the list of things to actually do
  • Train your staff on these things to do
  • Show them how to do
  • Make them do what you taught (demo/rehearsals)
  • Watch the results & study
  • Improve where necessary
  • Repeat

Let's work on step 1:

1. Prepare the list of things to actually do:

Few tips to achieve this:

  • Visualize your customers whole experience from the time they walk in until they leave
    • Write down all the steps you visualized
  • Write down questions that you would typically ask your customers
  • Write down the actions that your staff need to take in response to the questions
  • Write the actual script/dialogues
  • Prepare your staff on how to communicate with the customer

I know it all sounds quite complicated. Don't worry, I have built a FRAMEWORK for creating step by step instruction for the above.

Get this FREE FRAMEWORK by entering your Name and Email on the pop-up form. (Refresh the page and scroll down here to see the pop-up again)


This Framework has a series of questions. All you have to do is start answering each question with what you know. By the end, you will see a complete solution for providing exceptional customer service.

This framework works as a reference guide to get you started!

Now it's your turn. Either close this browser & leave or start working on the Framework....

If you have enjoyed this article, let me know in the comments below. I would love to connect with you!

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