The new simple, easy social media integration tool to get you more orders.

"Automatic-Hourly-Dynamic" Discounts during SLOW BUSINESS HOURS to offset your fixed costs and Increase Profits.

Social Media + iSmart Discounts


Social Media

Having your own social followers is like having your own audience. You can communicate with them any time you want, FOR FREE.


iSmart Discounts

We believe giving discounts should be MUTUALLY BENEFICIALLY for both Merchant and Consumer. 

We Integrate these 2 things (Social Media + iSmart Discounts) to drive you more orders everyday!

What is "iSmart Discounts"?

"Automatic-Hourly-Dynamic" Discounts triggers only at SLOW BUSINESS HOURS - to offset your fixed costs and Increase Profits.


Our smart AI system is designed to target customers, offer them discounts & bring them in, only during your SLOW BUSINESS HOURS!

Set up in under 5 minutes


Link your Social Media

Sign up and with in your dashboard, connect to your Social Media pages.


Fill recurring hourly offers

Complete the pre-schedule recurring form with your desired offers.


Receive Orders

Sit back and you will see orders coming in or guests walking in.

Get your game-changing automation tool just a click away.

Product Main Features

One Time Set up

Easy and simple set-up. Ready to run in minutes. Set-up once and watch the magic happen.

Smart Automation

Our AI knows your SLOW BUSINESS HOURS and triggers discounts to pull customers in.

Dynamic Discounts

Discounts here are not fixed or constant. They change dynamically based on time & availability.


Offset Fixed Costs

Having orders at SLOW BUSINESS HOURS will add to your net profit. 

More Social Followers

Additionally, Instabids gets you more followers on your Social Media.

Increase Profit

Selling more in a day means having more profits in the pocket.

instabids is coming..

Instabids is currently in early access phase while we continue to add even more powerful features to the platform. Click the button below to request your early access and special discounted pricing? 👇

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